... some cosmic kind of spirit is clearly at play ... evoking the spacy eloquence of Kamasi Washington, Sun Ra, and Pharoah Sanders ...
— Tristan Kneschke, Tiny Mix Tapes
A sound that seems initially fragile, with songs that turn in unexpected but welcome places, that reward repeat listens for the sake of being enveloped in something so fresh, is something to behold.
— Anthony Dean-Harris, Editor-in-Chief at Nextbop.com
‘And I See Night’ is such a refreshing change from what is dominating the mainstream culture as well as indie culture... It is accessible and doesn’t go so far down the rabbit hole of the avant-garde that it would completely ostracize anyone... Selin not only has a good voice but the melodies are often infectious and get stuck in your head.
— Divide and Conquer


Outer Song (Album, released on Birdwatcher Records October 2018)

And I See Night (Album, self-released February 2015)