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Longtime collaborators Nicki Adams and Hannah Selin create fresh, imaginative music that moves freely between genres and mediums. With their band GADADU, the songwriting duo has released two albums to critical acclaim. Their score for 222, a short film directed by Delfine Paolini, was nominated for the 2018 Peer Raben Award at the SoundTrack Cologne festival. As a composer of concert music, Selin has won commissions from ensembles including One Quiet Plunge and the Brooklyn Metro Chamber Orchestra, which recently premiered her song cycle Six Narratives. Also a sound designer, Selin has exhibited two multichannel installations: Sylvania in 2013, and [in]Corporate in 2014. Nicki, a jazz pianist, composer and synth wizard, has performed and recorded with musicians such as Francisco Mela, Billy Hart and Ebony Bones. Adams works as a keyboardist and producer with bands Votive Crown, Kyla Quinn, earthTone and Marcelino Feliciano. He has also appeared on NPR's Soundcheck and Lincoln Center's Rose Theatre.

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”The Lion” © 2019 Nicki Adams, ASCAP
”Makeshift Constellations,” “Bay Songs,” [in]Corporate, Six Narratives, Hirondelle © 2019 Hannah Selin, ASCAP