released 10.26.18


PRESS for outer Song:

... some cosmic kind of spirit is clearly at play ... evoking the spacy eloquence of Kamasi Washington, Sun Ra, and Pharoah Sanders ...
— Tristan Kneschke, Tiny Mix Tapes
When’s the last time you heard a majestically string-fueled trip-hop anthem with a prepared piano solo?
— New York Music Daily
Brooklyn’s GADADU create a mesmerizing blend of jazz, soul, classical, and dream pop that’s impossible to classify but easy to love
— Chris Ingalls, PopMatters
With a kaleidoscopic sense of time and texture, GADADU weaves odd-meter grooves, synth-spiked orchestral arrangements, and unorthodox song forms into a dreamy, soulful sound
— Pimpod.com
Gadadu Meld Futuristic Sights and Vintage Soul Sounds on “Life”
— Jordan Blum, PopMatters
With ‘Outer Song’ GADADU Help Redefine Jazz in Contemporary Culture
— Chris Ingalls, PopMatters
If you’re ready for a bit of uplift and melody in your life, and like the idea of acoustic instruments doing much of the heavy up-lifting, you’ll likely enjoy Gadadu’s Outer Song.
— Patrick Burnette, All About Jazz


released 2.24.15